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Managing your time is very important if you want to accomplish the things that you have set out to do. To effectively manage your time in accomplishing various tasks, take note of the things that you need to accomplish within a time period.

Writing them down is essential so that you will remember them and not get carried away with one task that you particularly like. In listing them, prioritize them according to their importance. This will allow you to accomplish the things that you really have to finish as early as you can. You have to realize that you cannot do different things at the same time, and you have to start with the things that are more important.

Once you have set your priorities, do your tasks according to the level you have set for them. Focus on that one task until it is finished before moving on with the next one. In doing a task, set the time frame for its completion. This will ensure that you will be able to do all the tasks that you have set for yourself for the day. Determine the number of working hours that you have every day and divide it among your tasks.

While it is important to focus on a given task and do it within a specified time frame, it is also important to give yourself a break. There are tasks that are easy, but there are also those that will tire you out and drain you. You are encouraged to take breaks to avoid the feeling that you do not have time for rest and recreation anymore, which is very stressing.

In addition, the very thought of a recreational activity is enough to give you renewed energy. Hence, you will be able to do your tasks with more vigor, allowing you to finish more in less time.

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Time management

What is time management? How can you manage your time? Do you have enough time to do what you want during your day?

Time is a valuable thing that we all have, yet many people don’t know how to use it wisely. The most common statement that I hear all the time from people is “I don’t have time.” Many people keep coming up with excuses for not doing what they love to do such as reading, exercising, spending time with the family among other things. Some people, however, who are the minority, say there is not enough time to do what they want to do in their day.

You know that we all have 24 hours a day to do whatever we want. Some use their time wisely and accomplish what they want to do, others, waste their day accomplishing little to nothing.

Why do you waste your time?

Everyone knows that time management is crucial to success, but why do most people waste their time and don’t accomplish much? There are two factors that affect people and make them waste their time unfortunately, in a non-productive way:

1. Parents

As children, we get affected by our parents and the way they deal with their time.  Chances are if your parents value time and if they manage their time wisely, you learned those skills as a child. Otherwise, if your parents live randomly and waste their time in non-productive way, you get affected by that.

2. Your environment

By environment, I mean your relatives, friends, schools, media, and society. Our society affects the way we deal and manage our time. You got programmed by your parents and society to not manage your time correctly, which is why many people don’t learn proper time management skills and fail to achieve their goals.

 Benefits of time organization

1. Control of your day

When you start you day knowing what exactly you are going to do, you are gaining control over your day and using your day affectively to help you accomplish your goals.

2. Gain time for social life and activities

When you manage your time correctly, you will have lots of time to spend with your family, friends, and do recreational activities. If you fail to manage your time, you won’t be able to find the time to do what you like to do or spend as much time with your family and friends.

3. Achieve your goals

When you manage your time correctly, you will achieve your goals. Managing your time correctly, helps you accomplish your goals faster.

Do you know that only 3% of the world’s population manage to plan and reach their goals? The main goal for is to help you become from the top 3% of the world’s population who know how to achieve any goal they desire in all areas of life. If you have a specific goal that you want to accomplish or want to improve an area of your life, but do not know how or why you are not getting any result, then this is the place for you.

Carnegie Mellon Professor Randy Pausch gave a lecture on Time Management at the University of Virginia in November 2007. Randy Pausch — http://www.randypaus…
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