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For busy stay-at-home moms, time management is not just a concept it is a reality. Juggling school schedules, meal preparation, housework, laundry, groceries and after school activities and meetings may sound easy, but in reality it requires precise time management. Maybe you are new to this way of life and if you are already feeling overwhelmed, take heart, because with just a few tips you can simplify your crazy life.

To begin with, you might want to take a hard look at how you already manage your time. By doing so, you can easily identify areas that can be altered to maximize the time you have. Maybe there are things that you do each day out of habit that you could do less often with no significant difference. First of all, think about all of the time you spend each day… waiting. We wait in lines, we wait for stores to open, buses to arrive, and websites to load. Time spent waiting is time wasted so take a careful look at those periods of waiting, and do your best to fill them with more important tasks.

Once you have identified the areas of your life which cause you to lose time you need to commit to establishing a new routine, one that will help you make the most of the time you have. This routine should be set up to combine tasks efficiently, streamline your day and have a results oriented outlook. The great news is that before you know it your new routine will quickly become a habit as you practice it each day.

Delegating tasks may seem like waving the white flag but it is far from a call to surrender. After all none of us can do everything. We all need help at one time or another. Doesn’t it make more sense to give the less important tasks to another trustworthy person to ensure that you have the time necessary to devote to the projects that demand your personal touch?

No matter what remember that time management skills can not only help to relieve the daily stress of having too much to do, but can also free up precious time to be enjoyed with the people you love.

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