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Encore Dairy Dash – Simulation Game – CD-ROM – PC, Mac, Intel-based Mac

Dairy Dash Get it While it’s Fresh! The Smith family has given up on modern city life to manage a farm! Help them care for crops and animals, and complete chores in this fun new strategy game from the makers of Diner Dash! It’s more Time-Management, more Multi-Tasking, and more of what casual gamers want! And now, you can play til the cows come home!

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Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity
In today’s world, yesterday’s methods just don’t work. In Getting Things Done, veteran coach and management consultant David Allen…

Time Management from the Inside Out, Second Edition: The Foolproof System for Taking Control of Your Schedule — and Your Life
A thoroughly updated and expanded edition of the definitive guide to managing and freeing up time Applying the groundbreaking from…

Time Management 2.0: 15 Secrets of a Self-Made Millionaire for Getting Things Done (Coffee With A Millionaire) (Volume 1)
Would you like to become 10x more productive—stress free—and be known as the person who “get’s it done”? Pick the brain …

Asset Management is a system in which large or small organizations keep an updated and detailed list of everything the organization owns and spends.  This list is then used in conjunction with all the financial responsibilities of the organization, as in, the amount of money the organization spends and what it is spent on.  Asset management can help to improve the strength and growth of your organization by tracking wasteful investments.
Asset Management can help to reduce wasteful spending and improve more profitable and productive investments.
Asset management will also help in making long and short term goals easier and more profitable for your organization.
It will also help to keep your organization organized and running as smoothly as possible, making it easey to make an educated decision for your organization based on concrete facts rather than guess work.
Asset Management can only be successful if you keep a detailed list of all the money coming in and out the organization.  Tracking the money that is coming into the organization is a key aspect of Asset Management, this will begin to tell you if your organization is sustainable.  So you will want begin by installing an asset tracking software. This will help to keep all financial information organized and in one place and easily attainable.  Asset Management is key to running and maintaining a successful organization and without it there is a very good chance your organization will not be as successful as it could be or  maybe it won’t be successful at all.

There are several different types of asset management. Choosing the right one for you is really up to the field you are in.
Here are some examples taken from a Asset Management PDF and other resources located.

Digital asset management

IT asset management

Physical asset management

Investment management

Fixed assets management

For instance, under IT asset management focus mainly on a computer field  management.  Such as hardware and other physical components of computers. And there is also software in the same category.
This includes  procurement, deployment, management and expense reporting of IT assets.

This is just the a basic explanation of Asset Management. We suggest you do your research or read a asset management pdf as well as other useful resources on the internet to determine what is right for you.

Good luck folks.

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Pathfinder works with the world’s leading manufacturers of data capture / data collection and networking equipment companies like Zebra and Motorola and specializes in the development of custom software solutions. The software is created in a modular format to meet your exact needs, with built in scalability for future proofing. Through our extensive knowledge of bar code solutions and bar-coding projects we can collect your data and being specialists in systems integration either interface directly into your existing system, provide the data in any flat format file you require or we can develop a back office solution specifically customized to suit your needs.

Whether you are looking for bar code software / bar code system, bespoke software packages or software solutions or just data capture / data collection devices, we can provide a solution to solve your systems integration problem. Using a bar code system for data capture you can achieve many business benefits including faster data entry and better accuracy. Look at our bar code solutions case studies.

Pathfinder specializes in providing real time systems that provide business value, match your exact requirements and are in line with your organization’s corporate strategy. Depending on the complexity of your new system and on your future plans, our development work may be fully bespoke using rapid application development tools or using off-the-shelf solution components.

We have developed many bespoke barcode software packages. We have many standard modules that start as a base for all our projects, and we can modify these simply to meet your exact software requirements. Please see our Case Studies for details on the type of project we have been involved with.

Shop floor data collection is the entering of data by the user at the time that the data is being used rather than the recording of data onto pieces of paper and the subsequent entry of the data by either the user or a third party.

Pathfinder can design, develop and deliver state of the art mobility solutions using our extensive knowledge and experience of business critical and real time systems. However large your organization or the choice of sector in which it operates, Pathfinder can deliver a tailored solution that meets all communication and data needs.

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