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Always remember that any time you waste in life is the time that you will not get back. It is irreplaceable. Everything else in life is replaceable. For example, if your computer breaks you can replace it; if your car breaks you can replace; of course you need a lot of money but as a matter of fact even money cannot replace time. If you waste or spend your time in the wrong way, then it means your time is lost forever. There is no turning back the clock and fixing your time. All right friends! This paragraph was just to make you realize that time is precious. I compiled some useful points while surfing the net with the services of Cox Communications. So let us take a look at some useful time management techniques for avoid time wastage and lead a successful life. They are briefly described as follows.

First of all, it is important to be realistic and practical in your approach. Don’t try to schedule too many things at a time. If you breakdown too many tasks then you are only going to get stressed out, and be overwhelmed. Moreover, you are not going to do anything because your stress level is going to be so high when you are looking at everything. And is all you need to lose your focus. The best thing is to break your tasks into simple manageable steps and take it one at a time.

The next step in effective time management would be to organize yourself. Organizing yourself pretty much means to go ahead and design a scheduler or an agenda if you would like ways on how to organize your tasks for the day and what you need to do.

5 ways to organize a planner
Use technology to organize yourself. For example, on Microsoft windows, you can use the calendar to kind of breakdown on what you need to do. You can even use your laptop, iPad, Smartphone, or even your IPod to design your planner.

Start early on assignments- This will help avoid procrastination. Don’t wait until the last moment to finish your assignment. Start researching on the assignment as soon as you get it and start working on it at the earliest.

Stay focused
This is harder than it seems because we have the cell phones, computers, laptop, and social networking sites that are always distracting us. But you need to have self-control. Think of the reward and stay focused on attaining your goal as fast as you can.

Sleep and be healthy
Do your exercises regularly. Whether it is in the morning or in the evening or any time in between your daily activities, you got to do it regularly; just to stay away from getting stressed out with the work overload of the day.

For students, doing part time jobs in the free time is also one good way to learn about the importance of time management. By doing so, students can learn how to manage their college or school work and their office (part time) work. The ultimate thing is that certain habits have to be cultivated at a very young age itself. One has to always keep him or her occupied with some work most of the time. Even at home, children and students can engage themselves in learning activities. TV watching or Internet browsing is good but it can also be done in a productive manner. When you are in the Internet try to make use of the gifted technology available and learn something useful from it. So these are some of the tips that will help you to manage your time effectively.

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Over the years, a tremendous growth has been seen by the banking sector. People mainly prefer jobs in the banks. This will promise them good stability as well as a good future. As per the size of State Bank of India, this is one of the largest banks. However, the interesting news is that the SBI recruitment 2012 is soon going to be announced by this bank.

Applications for recruitments are invited by many of the banks such as SBI. These recruitments are mainly for the clerical post or for the post of a Probationary Officer. Applications are invited from all part of the country. However, the candidate who is applying for these jobs must be an India. This is surely a basic requirement.  Although announcements are made by the bank pertaining to the vacancies, keeping track of various announcements becomes difficult at times. However, there are various sites that help a lot in it. Subscribing to these will surely give a winning edge.

These online sites will not only help in updating the people but will also help in providing necessary information such as educational qualifications required for the post. This will also include the physical standards plus the age limit. A step by step instruction on how to apply is also given by some of these sites. As for the details of SBI, there have been 13000 branches along with associate banks. These branches of the bank have a location even in various remote parts of India.

The customers are also very much satisfied. They are above the ground as the services offered by the bank are very good. There is a huge range of services and products that are offered to the retail customers as well as the corporate.

As per the official sources, the procedure of selection for the SBI recruitment 2012 will mainly include a written test which will then be followed by an interview. In other words, the bank will receive applications when the eligible people are selected. These people will meet the eligibility criteria. Then these people will also be called for a written examination. These written exams include test of general awareness, reasoning and a test of English language. They will also include interpretation and data analysis for eligible candidates. Then the successful candidates are called in for a personal interview. The written examination is generally very objective in nature.

A significant reason for people favoring these banking services is that it will give the employees an opportunity for diversifying their skills. This job will not only give the employees a chance to move between various departments but will also help them in working on various challenging areas. An innovative method has been devised by SBI for shedding the image of nationalized banks. Then it has resorted to various projects.  This is a vibrant and a young organization where the employees are just looked as the greatest assets.  Thus, the employees just love to be a fraction of the SBI recruitment 2012.

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