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No More Sleepless Nights

The best book this reviewer has seen on insomnia.” – Library Journal ” Make sleep as easy as falling out of bed.” – USA Today ” At last, an authoritative, sensible book for all those with trouble sleeping; this is wonderfully written and offers real help.” – Rosalind D. Cartwright, Ph.D, Director, Sleep Disorder CenterRush-Presbyterian-St. Luke’ s Medical Center, Chicago ” Nearly everything you always wanted to know about sleep and what can go wrong with it. with step-by-step suggestions.” – Publishers Weekly This newly revised edition of Dr. Hauri’ s internationally acclaimedsleep therapy program offers you much more than helpful hints. You’ ll learn what works and what doesn’ t, ways to evaluate the latest insomnia treatments, and how to create your own customized sleep therapy program. With this easy-to-follow advice, there’ s no longer any reason to lose precious sleep. Whether your sleep problem is chronic or occasional, No More Sleepless Nights is the best remedy available.

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Time Management: To-Do List Strategies to Become a Productivity Master and Get Things Done (Time Management Techniques, Time Management Skills, Stress Management Techniques)
3RD EDITION! Discover how to actually get things done and manage your to-dos! FREE BONUSES INCLUDED Tired of never getting things …

Time Management: Master Time Management and Boost Your Success: Time Management, Productivity and Success (Time Management, Manage Time, Productivity, Success, Business)
Time management – unleash your success! This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to manage your time efficiently an…

A Purse of Your Own

THERE IS NO BETTER TIME THAN NOW TO STRAIGHTEN OUT YOUR PURSE In A Purse of Your Own, wealth coach Deborah Owens draws from more than twenty years of experience in the fi nancial services industry for a revolutionary and simple approach to investment literacy: Women can take control of their lives and purses by leveraging the feminine powers of intuition, creativity, and empathy to build personal wealth. Filled with quizzes (Pursercises), resource guides (Pursessentials), and examples of real women from housewives to executives who have drastically changed their lives (Purseonality Profi les),A Purse of Your Own will show you how to: Apply the 7 Wealthy Habits you MUST learn to be fi nancially secureBuy stocks, bonds, and mutual funds and create a well-balanced portfolio on any budgetUnderstand the language of investing and how to manage riskFind a good fi nancial advisor (and recognize the warning signs of a bad one)Protect what you will buildCreating and maintaining wealth can come only from understanding how money works. Use Deborah’s “Power of the Purse” wealth-building strategy and your money will work for you!

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Terrorism and Business

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