The term Application Lifecycle Management has gained a great amount of prominence in the business sphere. The key market players that provide ALM studios look at ALM solutions catering to various aspects of a product lifecycle right from the requirement capture phase to product release. Right from the development phase to the deployment level, ALM comprises of a set of procedures and tools that consists of definition, testing, designing, deployment, development as well as management.

ALM solutions ensure that there is a complete and timely insight into plans, requirements, changes, task status and other vital project information at all times. It also helps bring together various teams that participate in the software development processes that include personnel in engineering, IT, and QA departments. Application lifecycle Management facilitates instant communication and information-sharing among all key stakeholders. An application lifecycle management solution offers many dramatic benefits to all development-intensive businesses, such as those that design, build, and sell software to customers and other third-parties, or companies that assign in-house IT teams to the development of proprietary software for internal use by employees. With application lifecycle management solutions in place, organizations can boost productivity, cost-efficiency, and quality. This way they can better address customer needs, leverage innovative technologies that support new or unique internal business initiatives, or achieve other important objectives.

Time is Money!

Without an application lifecycle management solution in place, project execution engineers  face immense challenges when it comes to ensuring that software projects are completed on time and within budget. As project management, resource planning, integration, and other critical development functions are fully automated, streamlined, and simplified, software can be designed, delivered, and deployed in a more rapid fashion. ALM also empowers product managers with all the tools and technologies they need to streamline the entire software development process. The sooner your new software product is available to customers, the sooner your company can begin raking in the revenues. Which is the reason why always aim at delivering new software applications within the tightest deadlines.

New innovations like the “Velocity Platform” enables collaboration by utilizing reports and dashboards that provide real-time visibility throughout the development process. It also provides end-to-end traceability between work items, starting from business requirements and extending all the way to final test execution results and release decision support.

There is a tremendous saving in time with such AL M innovations as they provide visibility helps distributed teams identify bottlenecks early and accelerate software product development.


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