Balancing The Demands Of Work And Family Life 

Working Mothers and Specially the Work from Home Mothers Need To Plan and Stick to Their Plans

A common problem that all working moms face today is to find time to attend to your family without being stressed after a hard day’s work. While it is true that both your job and your family deserve the best of you, how do you give your best when you are feeling overworked and tired? This is why working mums need to balance their time through an effective Time management strategy. With proper time management, you can do well in your work as well as enjoy your family life and be there for your children and your partner when they need you. Here are few tips to let you achieve this win-win status. 

· Prioritize- Have weekly to-do list for your tasks at work & home. 

· Focus – Pay attention on the task at hand. You will find that the quality and efficiency will help you to complete your tasks with time to spare. 

· Organize – Arrange your work place & home in a manner that will help you to save time.

· Leverage certain tasks By leveraging other people’s time allows a working mom to complete multiple tasks at once. For instance if your child has classes or after school activity, you can enlist the help from another parent. Taking turns with car pooling on different days of the week can save time.

· Involve your Children- spend quality time with them by getting them to help you out in your daily house work.

· Make lists- grocery shopping list & 7 day Meal plan which eliminates the many trips to the grocery supermarket.

· Wake up early – early morning hours are stress free and without the children to distract you. You will realize how relaxed you will feel, having attended to your mails and other pressing tasks in these early hours.

· Combine work & play – Make work enjoyable by including your family in it when possible. You may think this can affect the quality of work, but not the case at all times.

Flitting between mother role, care giver, business woman and a loving partner needs multi-tasking skills. While attending to all these, don’t forget to set aside some “me time” to take care of your own self. Women need some time for relaxing and engage in stress free socializing. It could simply be to catch up with an old friend or to relax over a book. A spa treatment may prove a rare luxury but all these are well deserved by working women who juggle many responsibilities of motherhood and marriage. So, put your best time management skills to practice and take a bigger bite out of life.



Ruth E. Stuettgen has a keen interest in Magnetic Entrepreneurial Skills including Business Empowerment, Magnetic Empowerment Skills, Magnetic Time Management Techniques, Magnetic Selling and Marketing Skills and more. These are invaluable to small business owners and solopreneurs as well as other businesses. In this blog, she offers valuable tips and insights in to developing various business entrepreneurial and managerial skills that helps achieve success. 


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