For those of you interested in starting a membership site, no doubt in your research you have come across the term content management system. What exactly is a content management system?  A CMS is a web application created for non-technical users to add, edit and manage a website.  Your content can include text, images, video, sound, documents, and graphics…basically anything you can add to your website can be managed by one of these systems.

A content management system is a software program that will allow the average person to create an HTML website without having to know anything about HTML.  The beauty behind this is that even the most inexperienced person can produce a website that looks professional and inviting, and they won’t have to pay a cent to any programming expert or spend hours attending lectures and reading material.  Instead, they can spend their time working out the particulars of their websites.  Time is money and any software that can shave time off the website maintenance process is worth its “weight” in gold.

Essentially, using a CMS allows you to efficiently and effectively implement the desired outcome using managed content.  Ease of operation and saving valuable time should be the goal of your CMS.  

After you have started your website, you need to keep it constantly updated with fresh, new material in order to keep your members satisfied.  Without proper maintenance, even the best membership sites will become stagnant.  Using a system that will manage your content will ensure that the upkeep of the website is as simple as creating new content and clicking a few keys.  If you combine a good CM software program with a good membership software program, then your possibilities are nearly limitless.

One content management system is not equal to another.  Some programs are more intuitive than others.  When you choose a software system, aim for one that is reasonably priced and easy to use.  Check product reviews online and don’t be afraid to compare product samples.  Also, take advantage of free trials when they are offered.  If you can get a quick feel for the program, you determine right away if it is right for you.

There are many, many choices for a CMS, with more entering the market everyday.  Like any other major player for your website, you need to do your research/homework to discover which one of these systems best suits your website or membership site needs.  Just Google and study the options.

Taking the time to learn the ins and outs of a CMS will  make your business profitable and pleasurable.

Kathy Dobson is free spirited entrepreneur and business owner committed to helping individuals discover personal and financial freedom through membership sites and Internet marketing. If you enjoyed this article, get further tips and tools at: Dedicated to Freedom

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