While I have read many informative and insightful books on the subject of time management, none have actually given me a practical means through which I can plan and manage my time better and overcome procrastination. That was until I discovered The Action Machine, a time management system that does just that.

What is The Action Machine?

It is an effective time management system that enables you to manage and track all of the important things that you have to achieve in a given period of time. You input the key tasks that you need to complete for the day and it enables you to break them down into a series of actions, allocate a set time towards achieving each task and records your completion of actions in order for you to gauge your level of productivity.

Why Does The Action Machine Work?

The concept behind it is pretty simple and I think that is exactly why it is such a powerful time manager. For many people a lack of organisation, poor time management and a lack of focus on priorities leads to that overwhelming feeling, from which procrastination becomes inevitable. The Action Machine enables you to plan your tasks and remain in control of them during the day. In addition to this, the visual element (it has a series of countdown timers) really helps you remain focused on each task that you have to complete – it is amazing how watching a clock tick against a task can really help you to concentrate!

My Verdict On The Action Machine

This time management system is very easy to use and really helps me to plan my day effectively – from the moment I start work right through to other activities like the gym and even writing this article! My time management habits have changed completely; by focussing on clear targets I have started to overcome procrastination and am no longer overwhelmed by large tasks.

For $ 27 this product is very good value – so good that the manufacturer has offered an 8 week guarantee. I am sure that the price will go up as word continues to spread! If you want to overcome procrastination and find more time in your day then The Action Machine is the best place to start!

View The Action Machine in action by checking out the video demonstration. You could be one click away from changing your life!

You can find a wealth of information online about self-improvement and overcoming procrastination. Procra-STOP.com is just one website where you can find advice on resources, plus the ramblings of a (recovering) serial procrastinator!

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