How much time do you spend every week on payroll related tasks? If you don’t do these tasks on your own, then how much time is invested in payroll by your employees? When you take the time to count this up you may be quite surprised at how much of your time is spent just paying your employees and keeping your payroll records for tax and legal obligations. This should be your motivation to find effective payroll software today!

Just using efficient payroll software can save you tons of time by performing many of those payroll duties for you. The software takes time consuming tasks that you dread doing and automates them so you don’t have to think about it.

Remote Employees

Do you have employees that don’t work in the same office as you? Do you have at-home employees who work at least part of the time from their own residences? If so, then you know how difficult it is to accurately monitor the working hours of employees who aren’t sitting a few cubicles away or down the hall.

The answer to this problem is payroll software. You can find software that allows you to track the exact time these employees start and stop working. Some of the more advanced systems can even detect when they are clocking in or out from an unusual location or if the voice doing the logging in and out is different than the usual voice of your employee.

You can’t hide in their bushes and peek through their blinds to make sure they are working when they are being paid to work, but using payroll software is the next best thing.

Problem Employees

There are some employees who will find any little loophole in a time reporting system and take full advantage of it. These are the employees who will clock their friends in to work when they aren’t actually sitting at their desks and who “accidently” forget to clock out when they leave at the end of the day.

These are also the employees who have no problem clocking in and then going outside for a cigarette break. You don’t like these employees because they cost our business money. They force you to pay them more in wages than they are actually owed and over time those extra dollars really add up.

Once again, payroll software is the answer to this. You can find software that leaves no loophole so there is no way for the system to be worked by a problem employee. In fact, the best systems will alert you to possible problems so you can catch these employees in the act and deal with the behavior before it costs you money over time.

Keeping Your Assets

Your budget and your time are your two biggest assets in a business sense. The great thing about professional payroll software is it helps you protect both of these things.

You will have a lot more free time since this software does a lot of the menial tracking and analysis of data for you. You will also solve a lot of payroll related problems that are costing you money right now, whether you realize it already or not.

This means you protect your most valuable assets and have a more profitable, successful business in the long term.

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