If you have ever felt like you are less productive than you’d like to be? Do you easily get lost in projects that should take you a fraction of the time you actually spend on them? Well, if this sounds like you then a few time management tips may help to turn that all around. It is easy to get overwhelmed when you find yourself with multiple tasks to complete and of course, one huge looming deadline, if you have a strategy in place to deal with things, you will be amazed at how proficient you become.

First of all, you need to establish a routine. Creating one will add structure to your day and will help you turn many of your repetitive tasks into habits seemingly overnight. Once they have become ingrained, they are naturally less of something you need to even think about throughout the day. Try and incorporate as many day-to -day aspects of your work into this routine and you will find more free time for other tasks.

How much time do you spend waiting each day? Maybe it is waiting for a train or bus, or waiting in line for your morning coffee. You know that your day will somehow involve waiting, so why not make the most of it? Plan ahead for those periods of time, no matter how brief, to make a quick call, reply to a few e-mails or jot down a few notes. Another time management strategy may involve delegating tasks to other people. After all, why not let your support staff help you with minor projects thus freeing you up for the work that demands your personal touch?

Lastly, you may even want to consider a bit of automation. There are lots of time management software programs that promise to better organize your time and get you working more efficiently. If these are of interest to you, shop around a bit and be sure and read reviews. Whether you follow this route or decide to put your own strategies in place, it will still require a different way of thinking about your time. There is a finite amount of time in which to get your tasks accomplished and so you need to be fully aware of your goals, have a concrete plan and the dedication to follow through. Good luck!

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