It seems that more and more employers are striving to get more out of their employees. Lately, companies have been struggling with budget cuts and layoffs which means that the employees who still have jobs need to pick up the slack. This is when time management becomes critical. Employees need to learn how to deal with more tasks in the same amount of time. Sometimes, this can be very stressful and harmful to the work environment and in fact, some companies have found it worthwhile to bring in a speaker on time management.

One of the most useful tips is to prioritize your day. Figure out everything you need to accomplish for the day and map out your day. Decide what is most critical to getting finished and start with that. Once, you have a plan it is easier to stay focused on the tasks at hand. It is always a good idea to start with the most critical job, because if you put it off until the end of the day, you might run out of time and feel pressure to finish it. This can produce sloppy work that could cost you in the long run.

Another tip is to set yourself a time table and stick to it. Don’t let yourself take that first break in the morning until you have finished a certain number of your tasks. Then you can reward yourself for a job well done. Try to set a number of things you want to accomplish before lunch. That way you can relax and enjoy yourself at lunch knowing that you are on time for your projects. Try to minimize your socializing at work. This can get you off track and lead to stress at the end of the day.

One final tip is to ask for help! If you see a colleague has some extra time, see if they will help you out. This always makes for a good work environment if you can count on each other for help. Team work is always a good part of a healthy work environment. This way, everyone knows they can count on each other if they get in a bind.

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