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Not long ago school records, from student grades to new student admissions, were all handled by record books maintained by hand. Times have changed, however, and there’s never been a better time for schools to change with them! With the advent of school management software, tracking students, as well as handling teacher information, has never been simpler or easier. Gone are the days of misplaced records, leaving your desk to waste valuable minutes trying to locate sensitive student information stored in an unlocked filing cabinet. With easy-to-use web-based software you will be able to not only impress prospective parents looking to enroll their child in your school, but your school office will be streamlined and more effective in grading and information processing.

One of the main benefits of choosing to go with a web-based school management software program is that file management is a click away on any computer, no downloads necessary. Everything is handled via a secure online platform. You can get instant access to any student’s information from almost anywhere you have an Internet connection. So if you get a phone call from a concerned parent and you’re not at your desk, you can quickly and easily call up any and all information to have on hand.

And it’s not just teachers and administrators that can benefit from school management software. Parents will also have the ability to log in from work or home, and track the progress of their child. Parents will be able to view report cards as soon as they are finalized and can even view their child’s weekly class schedule. With this kind of software, parents can feel and be more involved in the education of their child. What better way to impress a parent than to allow them instant access to their child’s school record from wherever they are, available whenever they wish to see it?

Times are changing and technology continues to evolve and improve, allowing our lives to become more streamlined and information more accessible. Why shouldn’t your school take full advantage of this? With school management software you have 24 hour access to the records of your students and teachers. It means that parents can have instant access to their child’s records, and track their progress and grades quickly and easily. It means the lines of communication between administration, teachers, parents and students are always open. No more hunting for information means more time for teaching and learning! And web-based software makes learning fun!

Anne Fernando is a product manager for QuickSchools She helps maintain a website about school management software

Why is time management important? In simple terms, time is more valuable than money (hence the fact that we are able to trade money for time), it takes time to preserve our health, without enough time we cannot enjoy meaningful relationships and time cannot be retrieved once it passes into our past – regardless or whether it is lost, stolen or simply wasted.

Every day – and often every hour of every day – we are bombarded with opportunities that we must either accept or reject. A ringing telephone, a new email, an invitation for lunch, an advertisement enticing us into a store and many more. To be effective in achieving our life goals it is essential that we learn how to prioritize tasks so that we know when it is appropriate to allow some distractions and interruptions, and when we have to take more responsibility to stay on track.

No one wants to be a slave to urgent and unimportant tasks – or even urgent important tasks. Learning the answer to the question, “Why is time management important?” helps to make us free. Time management is a particularly important skill in the technology filled world for two reasons. First, because of the labour saving devices we have at our disposal – washing machines, telephones and cars just to name a few – we have more time available to us than in times past. Second, because of technology we also have more overlap between what used to be a strict divide between work and personal time, social and family time and other activities. Mobile phones, pagers, fax machines and the internet are particularly responsible for these changes.

Also, the prevalence of advertising and the pervasiveness of modern day marketing make us susceptible to being distracted at almost any time of the day or night when we might be trying to concentrate on an important task at hand. Different aspects of our lives require our time in some or another form. We have social lives, family lives, healthy pursuits, recreational and relaxation time, sleep, work, community activities, shopping and chores and emergencies. Time management is important because it is the tool by which we make and defend our life choices. The simple fact of life is that almost anything that would be important for us to do will take a significant amount of our time. Say you wanted to learn a new language or attend a distant family reunion. These would be important activities that we wouldn’t want to neglect for the sheer fact that something urgent but not as important comes along (it is not illegal to refuse to answer a ringing telephone).

If we are learning a new language we need time to learn to read, write and speak. To master vocabulary and grammar and conversation and to practice and to have long conversations with other who are fluent in the language. Time is also important for us to use between activities as a buffer to help us recharge, celebrate our achievements, plan and prepare. It is essential that we rest our bodies to avoid injury, sickness and fatigue. And it is important that we have enough time in reserve for emergencies and for catching up on things that we have to put off because of the unexpected nature of many of life’s activities. Getting enough rest and taking regular breaks from our activities also enables us to be more productive in the time that we do spend working, playing and serving others.

Unless can appreciate why time management is important and become good time managers we can never hope to be able to do our best at anything. So, why is time management important? It is the only element that we can actually control in our lives sufficiently to achieve our goals at work, home, sports, school or in the social arena. And we only have a limited amount of it. It cannot be saved, bought, sold or mortgaged. Time is an invaluable commodity that we must protect and nurture actively and take responsibility to invest wisely for the future. We only have one life to live. Time management can make it worth living.

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Ten Things You Can Do to Save Time & Money

Conduct a time and motion study on yourself. For a week pay attention to how you are spending every hour of every day. It;s a lot of work but you’ll learn so much. How much moving around are you doing? What are you doing? Is it what you should be doing? Can you delegate? What didn’t get done?

Answer the phone. Voicemail is a great tool, when you need it but many of us fell into the habit of screening our calls. Take the call, even if it’s a solicitor.

Get a PDA. The days of waiting until you get back to the office to review a document, check or send an email are over. Keep all of your phone numbers and email addresses in there.

Get and keep organized. I can’t stress this enough. If you don’t know where to find what you need, you’ll waste time. Make sure you have everything you need all of the time.

Keep your stock, stocked. Whether its printer cartridges or aspirin, spending time without something you need is wasteful. Don’t run out of the critical things that keep you going. Keep everything charged and ready to go.

Plan, Plan, Plan. If you aren’t controlling your life, it will control you. You’ll be late, stressed, worried and wondering all too much. Spend two hours each week – one hour on Friday and one hour mid-week to pay attention to what’s coming and what you need to do in advance.

Journal. Whether you use a PDA, notebook, Netbook or your computer, starting journaling your ideas, thoughts, to do items. It doesn’t have to be neat and an organized either, just something to catalog your open action items in one centralized location.

Keep a tight calendar. Whether you realize it or not, time management has a lot to do with your calendar and blocking off time to do the important things is critical. Schedule administrative, planning and down time to make sure you are getting everything done.

Delegate. If you can put a price tag on your time vs. how much delegation may cost you, you might be surprised. If you have tasks that you can ask someone else to do or help with, do it. Don’t try to do it all yourself.

Be real. Small business owners have an amazing passion for what they do and if you aren’t living the passion, then take the time to really drill down on how you are spending your time. If you’re miserable with your day, revamp it!

Debbie Quintana, President & CEO of Gourmet Gifts

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