Time and tide wait for none. Time is very scarce and valuable resource. This is highly perishable, irreversible and irretrievable. This is only the resource which we all have the equally. Time is a precious asset needed for everyone in life. You have to be planned, organized and controlled to avoid its wastage. Nowadays most of the company use time management for the development of the company. They provide free coaching session to their employee.

Basically, our success with our jobs in particular and success in life general depends on how well we utilize at our disposal majority of successful director and influential people are aware about time and they use their time efficiently and profitably. Now free coaching session of time management build the team management stronger and efficient for well production. Time is life and time management is self management. To master your time is to master your life.

Why time management is so significant? Why should we recognize that time is a gift? Because the most difference between the prosperous and the poor is the valuing of time. When driving through a ghetto one might see healthy men and women sitting outside on the steps simply talking for hours. There would be garbage strewn about and disorder would be rampant.

Time management means the effective and efficient use of time. This is regarded as how the most important work is completed and that sufficient time is left for unexpected emergencies and crisis that may occur. Basically the way and manner of a professional manager utilizes its time assigned to him to achieve the tasks given to him is a reflection of how well he manage more, so that the manager can never retrieve that date and time again in life.

These days, the main concept can be from the pedestal of the urgency, importance, the need or otherwise, of the different actions to which time is dedicated. Time is categorized into some important aspects. These are:

•  Importance and urgent

•  Important but not urgent

•  Urgent but not important

•  And waste of time

Now tasks and functions that are important and urgent are those needed either immediate attention in the nearest possible time. Just because their urgency and importance, the jobs take priority over everything else and procrastination, if a factor, is no longer possible.

On the other side, important but not urgent tasks separate effective individuals from the ineffective ones. Now most of the important things in our lives are not urgent and therefore they can be performed now or later but in most cases, they are postponed forever.

Some tasks are marginally worth doing but are neither urgent not important. Sometimes we do them in place of more important things because of their diversionary effect that is giving us a feeling of activity and accomplishments while providing us the needed excuse for postponing important and not urgent functions which are of greater benefits to us. Actually the essence of categorizing time use on the basis of urgency, importance or otherwise of functions that may consume time is to sensitize the supervisors and managers.

Dr. John Oda has dedicated his last 23 years of his life to discovering different strategies of the fortune of 500 companies. His program educates you to adopt proper time management training for your company. He is frequently called upon to provide corporate workshop, free coaching session and seminars at different companies and business owners.


Time management tracking helps organize all your tasks (whether personal or professional) by allowing you to record each with its corresponding start and completion details. By doing so, you’ll get to view if you are still on schedule and on budget. This tool also helps determine if all your work hours have been spent productively or wasted with non-work related activities. There are moments or situations that take away our time. A simple phone call or an e-mail could divert our focus on the job before us. Before you know it, the allocated time for a certain task is over, yet we are not even half through with it. With this tool, we are always reminded to stick to the plan, especially if we want satisfied and loyal clients.



This software contains features that make your professional life easier. And by easier, it means that it’s very user friendly and can be used even by those who are not really familiar with online tools. Most of these are software-based that need to be installed. Others are web-based where installation is not required. All you need to do is log in and then you can start creating and planning tasks.


What you’ll do is type in all the activities you have planned for the day or days ahead. It’s a calendar, journal and organizer all rolled into. But what’s even better is that it has additional awesome attributes that none of these mentioned have. These include the ability to make billings and invoices out of the hours you spent working on items considered as billable; to create charts that show your work habits to help you analyze if projects are indeed profitable; to produce reference charts so when there is a new offer and it is something you have previously done, you’ll have something to base your price and schedule; to calculate your taxes; and the capacity to automatically send accurate billing statements to clients and remind them of overdue payments. Given all these features, a time management tracking application is really more than just a tool used to track time.


Out of the items listed above that show how this software helps, the charts it produces are perhaps one of the most significant. With these charts, you’ll get to view the pulse of your work habits. It will help in analyzing whether you have been spending adequate time for your projects or squandering it with idle, non-productive activities. It also assists in determining if your estimates are doable and favorable. Did you allocate enough time for the project? Is the estimated time of completion really doable? Are you charging cheap or are you over pricing? These and more are answered with the time management tracking.


A beautiful software doesn’t need to be complicated… Freckle time tracking.

In the 21st century, life proceeds at break-neck speed. Although we have a wealth of technological advances at our finger tips and a ton of so-called labor-saving devices, it appears not to have made a dent in what are the busiest life styles ever. We proceed on-the-run at home, at work, in business and anywhere and everywhere else. The result is not simply a pressure cooker at work but also, since the two overlap more and more, at home as well. Any attempt to create a balance between the two major worlds in our lives simply disappears.

The result of the economic crisis of the past few years has taken a severe toll on employees. They have added on more tasks and responsibilities in order to address the problems. Hours at work have increased. While some have adapted easily, others, untrained to take on these now extended roles, find themselves struggling to learn all they can about their new responsibilities while desperately trying to juggle the extra workload. It is now essential, mandatory even, to understand how to manage time effectively. Seeking the answer, many have consulted career and executive coaching to help them acquire the necessary tools – to learn how manage their days. Online coaching helps them learn how to effectively prioritize the tasks, set goals and properly plan their time.

Employees are not the only ones who face these challenges. Throughout history, small business owners have been faced with learning how to master of balancing and number of tasks and responsibilities. Those faced with the greatest challenge are those who have previously worked in a 9-5 position. Now all responsibilities for making sure the business survive rests in their own hands. This can be overwhelming. Experienced business coaching by professionals helps business owners regain control, helps them become more organized and teaches them to concentrate on what really matters and will push the business forwards.

These things rarely come naturally. Time management and placing SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely) goals can be allusive. These tend to be learned skills. They demand practice if they are to work properly. Self-help books contain massive amounts of information on these areas. Yet, it is more to your advantage to turn to online coaching. Why? There are several reasons:

Online coaching is an individual not a generic approach. This allows you, through the help of a business, career or executive coach to learn not only how to do what is required and but also what suits your unique situation and characteristics.
With online coaching you are not going it alone. You have someone to support and champion you. Your coach will help you stay motivated during the adjustment period. He or she will be there to guide you through the entire process of learning time management and setting goals. This prevents you muddling on alone. You now have someone to help clarify and steer you towards the light. Rather than waste time trying to rearrange an already impossible schedule, your coach will work with you to achieve the biggest effect over the least amount of time.

Interested in learning more about business, executive or career coaching? Contacting an online coach will guide you through the process of determining your goals and using time management skills to make them possible. For further great information make your way to for.


Online coaching is currently available at, who ca provide you with an opportune and helpful way of addressing any of the issues restraining us. You can easily access the guidance and help of an experienced and professional mentor from your home at times that suit your often busy schedule. With one simple click, you will have what you need to get you back on the right track moving towards an exciting future – a future of which we have control and can direct to achieve what we are truly capable of achieving.

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