Being a student in high school or college can be demanding and at times overwhelming. It can often seem that there is more homework and tests to study for than there are hours in the day. The key is to have effective time management techniques in use when you’re trying to prepare for the next class or even for the week ahead. In order to prevent yourself from falling behind and feeling lost, there are some simple strategies you can follow that will help you stay on track and give you skills that you can carry on with you into your eventual career as well.

Tip #1 – You should always plan for at least two study hours for every class you have. This will give you enough time to read through all of the material your teachers discussed and allow you to process it all and make sense of it. If you rush through a class, you could be left feeling like you didn’t learn anything. Also, study your most difficult (or boring) subject first when your mind is fresh. If you leave these subjects for last, you will be tired and not give them your full attention.

Tip #2 – Now that you know how to study with proper time management techniques you need to figure out where to study. Look for a place that’s free from outside noise and distractions such as a library or even an empty classroom, if available. You don’t want to get too comfortable when you’re studying because this will lead to drowsiness and you need to remain awake and attentive. If you find your productivity is starting to waiver, find a different place to study since sometimes a change in environment can help get you back on track.

Tip #3 – Rinse and repeat by making the previous tips into a daily habit. Learning effective tools for good study habits and time management isn’t hard it just takes persistence and perseverance. Once you set yourself into a routine, you will find it starts to become much easier. Soon you will come to find that a little extra effort on your part will allow you to reap many rewards in your classes.

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Life seems to have fewer hours in the day than what we need and we just get busier and busier. So what can you do?

Well, a good idea to begin some kind of time management. Although good time management takes practice to learn and persistence to form, once it becomes a habit it is ingrained for good. Thankfully, there are some easy steps to follow that can help you start to manage your time better and get more out of each day.

Step 1 – Old habits are hard to break. It’s just a fact that it’s not easy to break a bad habit, but in order to have a more effective day you need to replace the bad habit with a good one. Small steps will lead to bigger steps, staying consistent is the key.

Step 2 – Launch the new habit strongly. Make the commitment and stick with it by reminding yourself that you are doing this time management to better organize and keep track of your day. See the results and bask in your accomplishments.

Step 3 – Go public. Letting other people know of your new habit means that you now need to stick with it. It means more support for you as well and when more people know about what you’re trying to accomplish the more they’ll be on your side. Success, in part, comes from support and encouragement.

Step 4 – Allow no exceptions. Do not permit yourself to fall back into your old habits and old ways. Those were the days when nothing seemed to be done remember? Now that you are on the right track to effective time management, stick to it – you will be glad you did.

We all wish that there were more hours in the day to be done everything we wanted to do. While we cannot make more time, we can make better use the time that is allotted to us. By using time management effectively and formulating good habits to take the place of the time wasting bad ones, you will be on the road to productivity and accomplishment before you know it.



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Time management skills help an individual balance his or her personal and professional work. There are many time management skills but individuals should follow good time management skills that are time-tested and effective. If you often find yourself burdened with responsibilities that lead to frustration and irritation, then you need to be aware of good time management skills. Knowing the right ways to manage your time can help individual set goals, prioritize work, and stay organized. Learning good time management skills can help you avoid procrastination, reduce stress, and remain focused on your goals.

Implementing good time management skills in your life and career can help you increase productivity both at personal and professional levels. Good time management skills include learning ways to set goals, prioritize important tasks, arrange important and urgent tasks, planning, and avoid doing the unimportant tasks. To make this a habit, individuals should follow time management skills regularly to help them accomplish important tasks and contribute to their productivity. Moreover, many people repent for not doing their work on time because of procrastination and learning good time management skills can help us avoid procrastination and enhance productivity.

Poor time management skills can cause distress, anxiety, depression, and irritability. Moreover, people tend to waste their time doing unimportant tasks, which does not help people achieve success. Therefore, it is important to make good time management skills an essential part of our life. Good time management skills follow the acronym “SMART”, which means to be specific, measurable, attainable, rewarding, and timely. Following this technique can help individuals know the important tasks they need to accomplish at first and the unimportant tasks they should avoid. For better understanding, individuals can create a to-do list where they can pen down the important and urgent tasks they need to accomplish in a day. Some good time management skills have been discussed below:

•  Good time management skills teach individuals how to manage their time and work effectively. It is important for individuals to know how they spend and waste their time. Making themselves aware of this important factor can help individuals make their life worthwhile and achieve success.

•  You may find it difficult to say “No” but knowing how to do so is one of the good time management skills. Saying “No” and refraining from doing unimportant tasks can help individuals save time and accomplish important and urgent tasks on time.

•  Many people do the mistake of committing more than they can deliver, thus causing stress and anxiety. To increase productivity and to reduce your stress one of the good time management skills is to promise less than what you think can deliver.

•  Consider your goals and prepare a schedule where you can fit in your daily targets along with their deadlines. You should plan your day every morning where you can set your priorities and plan based on the time you have for the completion of the tasks.

•  Good time management skills teach you to avoid distractions and time wasters so that your life become smooth and organized, as you always wanted to be.

Learning the basics of good time management skills can help individuals have mastery over the time management techniques that can help them make better individuals.

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