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Are you trying to set goals so that you can better yourself, make more money, or go on a special vacation? Do you want to be able to use goal management to make sure you achieve your goals and get where you want to go? There are ways to ensure that you do what you want to do and you end up where you are trying to go. Here are some tips to help you manage your goals better and achieve more of them.

First, you have to understand the process of setting up goals. You will always want to have three categories, goals that will take more than 5 years to achieve, goals that will take 1 to 5 years to achieve, and goals you can achieve in the next year. This should be a brainstorming session where you write down everything that crosses your mind even if it seems silly or impossible. This will give you a good starting point.

Second, when you use goal management you need to understand how to break your goals down into smaller pieces. There is an old saying, “How do you eat an elephant?” the answer is “one bit at a time”. This goes for goals as well. For example, if you are currently making $ 25,000 a year and your goal is to be making $ 100,000 a year within 5 years, then you need to break that goal down with goal management.

You would do this by figuring out what it is going to take, whether it be more education, more experience, a career change, or just hard work, to get to your goal. Then, maybe you try to achieve half the goal $ 50,000 within 2 years and re evaluate from there.

Last, when you are trying to achieve goals you have to have rewards to motivate you. You could reward yourself with something you really enjoy at the half way point and then again when you achieve the goal. Also, look at the smaller pieces of your larger goal as goals as well. They might be monthly, weekly, or daily goals, but when you achieve all of them you will ultimately achieve your larger goal. The saying should not be “don’t sweat the small stuff”, it should be “only sweat the small stuff”. The big stuff will take care of itself if you take care of the small stuff.

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An easy time tracking is the tool particularly needed by independent service provider, remote worker, and small-time business entrepreneur. It should carry out a wide range of tasks including tracking billable and non-billable hours and generating invoices and detailed statistics of hours spent on projects. It must provide a more effortless and manageable way of keeping track of your time which the ordinary pen-and paper routine cannot flawlessly handle. There should be a time log feature that will keep up-to-date time records. Sorting and filtering of records to any virtual field should be made possible. In addition, it must show a statistics window that will display the total billable and non-billable time spent for every task, client, or project accomplished.

Tracking time

Other important features should include two different options of tracking time, either manually or automatically. The manual time tracking mode serves much like a personal scheduler that allows you to personally monitor, view, or edit your time logs on a weekly time line. However, if you choose to automatically capture your total time worked per day, there should be a timer for you to do just that.

Web based

A web-based time log is a cool feature, too. If you are on the road and assigned to a remote area, a working internet connection is all you need to be able to log in and update your time records. This is also one of the reasons why this tool so ideal for remote workers spread across the globe.


Generating invoices for customer billing is another feature that one must look into. Since they are stored in the database, invoices can be automatically viewed and edited at any available time with total invoice, total tax, total due, and total paid displayed on statistics. Moreover, payment histories are stored in the database and so loose ends can be simply avoided.


An easy time tracking should also allow customization of invoices, which means that the elements of each template can be arranged to suit to your liking. This results to more professionally looking invoices prepared in your own way and language.

Built-in E-mail

A built-in e-mail support that makes it possible for you to e-mail invoices straight away is another feature that can save you a lot of time. In addition, having a built-in PDF converter (aside from other supported formats like Excel) if you wish to save your invoices into a PDF document is a plus factor.  

An easy time tracking must have smart capabilities for monitoring time spent on tasks and projects as well as billing clients for work spent. Through these features, there will be no room for hair pulling when it comes to managing time using a time tracker tool.

Freckle time tracking eliminates all the nonsense between you and your work. It’s designed to make time tracking easier and more convenient.

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