Ten Things You Can Do to Save Time & Money

Conduct a time and motion study on yourself. For a week pay attention to how you are spending every hour of every day. It;s a lot of work but you’ll learn so much. How much moving around are you doing? What are you doing? Is it what you should be doing? Can you delegate? What didn’t get done?

Answer the phone. Voicemail is a great tool, when you need it but many of us fell into the habit of screening our calls. Take the call, even if it’s a solicitor.

Get a PDA. The days of waiting until you get back to the office to review a document, check or send an email are over. Keep all of your phone numbers and email addresses in there.

Get and keep organized. I can’t stress this enough. If you don’t know where to find what you need, you’ll waste time. Make sure you have everything you need all of the time.

Keep your stock, stocked. Whether its printer cartridges or aspirin, spending time without something you need is wasteful. Don’t run out of the critical things that keep you going. Keep everything charged and ready to go.

Plan, Plan, Plan. If you aren’t controlling your life, it will control you. You’ll be late, stressed, worried and wondering all too much. Spend two hours each week – one hour on Friday and one hour mid-week to pay attention to what’s coming and what you need to do in advance.

Journal. Whether you use a PDA, notebook, Netbook or your computer, starting journaling your ideas, thoughts, to do items. It doesn’t have to be neat and an organized either, just something to catalog your open action items in one centralized location.

Keep a tight calendar. Whether you realize it or not, time management has a lot to do with your calendar and blocking off time to do the important things is critical. Schedule administrative, planning and down time to make sure you are getting everything done.

Delegate. If you can put a price tag on your time vs. how much delegation may cost you, you might be surprised. If you have tasks that you can ask someone else to do or help with, do it. Don’t try to do it all yourself.

Be real. Small business owners have an amazing passion for what they do and if you aren’t living the passion, then take the time to really drill down on how you are spending your time. If you’re miserable with your day, revamp it!

Debbie Quintana, President & CEO of Gourmet Gifts

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For your property development, it is important to be in coordination with the entire organization or team. Seeking for property management services fits best in planning, building and construction. Others who are not particular with how their projects are managed from scratch often end up losing more than they can earn. Either for residential, commercial or other purposes, buildings and other infrastructure should have project management services. With its presence as a system to guide the entire process, quality is guaranteed and produces a promising return for your project.

Construction is the part where the main manual and heavy job is in a project. Property Developers would want to ensure that this process is well-coordinated because of the aspects that it involves Manpower that involves builders, equipment operators and laborers need to know which specific process to do and follow. They are experts in their fields but with the presence of project management services, their jobs are enhanced. As an owner, it is likely to see that an expert in project management services is overseeing and guiding everyone to be on the same page. Even materials and specifications needs to be checked in terms of quality. This is also ensuring that the sustainability of such a project is established starting from the infrastructure foundation itself. Finishing touches and other designs can be changed easily but once it’s built, the reliability of your project may be jeopardized if it does not follow the plan.

A project management service in a way is intangible but what it brings to your project development can be priceless. Remember you are spending big amount of money just to have one, therefore, it is very important that there is a guaranteed quality in every part of your project. We all know that lingering in cheaper products and services in exchange for lesser quality can threaten your project and it may not sustain as you wanted. You can put on a belt on your budget but it has to be at a level that does not jeopardize quality. Expertly planning with project management services can maximize your budget and it will be done on schedule which saves you money.

If you are yet planning or in the middle of a project and you feel something is wrong with the way it was managed, seek project management services. They will determine the problem and the right solution for you. From scratch to polish to selling, there is proper management and you won’t have to save time, money and effort. That is why Property Developers prefer the aid of project management services especially in Construction.

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Most of the advanced companies now- a-days are extensively using document management software for decreasing work pressure and provide efficiency and more productivity. Electronic document management systems are being extensively used in leading businesses for improved workflow and time management. Thus the main purpose of any online document management system is to collect scanned copies of documents in a common server and let access to permitted users for recovery of these documents from any location at any time.

eCelticdocs is a document management software that is  designed for every business organization with more flexibility . It has some unique features such as an integrated set of tools for, auditing, indexing, searching, sharing, securing, scanning and workflow.e-celticdocs offers numerous methods of organizing documents and you can also arrange documents in folders and also rapidly categorize documents by attaching several text tags to them. You can also use the influential Document Types attribute to save definite index information with each document.

How it works?

You can create an admin login
Configure if you need to change the default settings
You can create user
Can login as user
Scan your document locally
Upload your first document
Index your document
Search and retrieve
Share your document-print or email your document
Check your usage.

 eCelticDocs is liked by people for its absolute simplicity for document search and retrieval . It is world’s easiest document management software designed to save tour precious time. eCelticDocs is proven to be 18% more faster online document storage and retrieving systems than any other system. It is a secured 256 bit encrypted complete web based document solution popular for its ease of use. It is world’s first white label document management system which comes with an automatic recurring invoicing and payment integration system. So now start your own branded DMS system in minutes.

The services provided by us will help you to share files and team up over the internet with clients, employees and vendors through any internet browser. The feature of online file storage service provides a safe internet browser-based implicit office where you can not only upload, download, browse but also can search, index, categorize and also version, approve, track and discuss various documents. You are totally free to buy, download, install, or maintain ecelticdocs, as the subscription service is delivered entirely through a web browser.

Author’s bio:

eCelticdocs help you in managing documents with document management system without wasting your valuable time and work with efficiency and effort in your workplace.

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