Being a student in high school or college can be demanding and at times overwhelming. It can often seem that there is more homework and tests to study for than there are hours in the day. The key is to have effective time management techniques in use when you’re trying to prepare for the next class or even for the week ahead. In order to prevent yourself from falling behind and feeling lost, there are some simple strategies you can follow that will help you stay on track and give you skills that you can carry on with you into your eventual career as well.

Tip #1 – You should always plan for at least two study hours for every class you have. This will give you enough time to read through all of the material your teachers discussed and allow you to process it all and make sense of it. If you rush through a class, you could be left feeling like you didn’t learn anything. Also, study your most difficult (or boring) subject first when your mind is fresh. If you leave these subjects for last, you will be tired and not give them your full attention.

Tip #2 – Now that you know how to study with proper time management techniques you need to figure out where to study. Look for a place that’s free from outside noise and distractions such as a library or even an empty classroom, if available. You don’t want to get too comfortable when you’re studying because this will lead to drowsiness and you need to remain awake and attentive. If you find your productivity is starting to waiver, find a different place to study since sometimes a change in environment can help get you back on track.

Tip #3 – Rinse and repeat by making the previous tips into a daily habit. Learning effective tools for good study habits and time management isn’t hard it just takes persistence and perseverance. Once you set yourself into a routine, you will find it starts to become much easier. Soon you will come to find that a little extra effort on your part will allow you to reap many rewards in your classes.

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Time management for College students can be quite overwhelming.

Do you sit down at your desk or table to study, only to suddenly realize that, good grief! This desk is really cluttered, I really need to clean it off. And while I’m at it, I should really thin out the papers in the drawers, and would you look at the floor? When’s the last time someone vacuumed around here?

Let’s admit something to each other. If you’re suddenly overpowered by the feeling that you must clean everything in your surroundings, it’s quite possible that you are just putting off something big, (your “one true thing” perhaps?) that you really should be doing.

There’s a solution to this avoidance factor to help with your time management in college.

First, back away from the feather duster, housecleaning right now is a low-level activity. Just sit back, take a few deep breaths and ask yourself, “What one action could I do right now that would put me on the path to achieving my goals?”

Once you have that answer, you have your “one true thing.” And when, day by day, you keep doing your “one true thing,” success adds up pretty quickly. College Students Time Management

When you see college as a golden opportunity to jump-start your career success, I trust that you will create a time management plan to maximize the return on your investment of time, money and energy.

Your “one true thing” is what I call that action you can take every day to move you one step closer to making that contact, cultivating that relationship, doing well in that internship or class. Do something every day that is consistent with what your big goals are.

Only you know what those goals are, and only you can determine what that action, your “one true thing” is for today. When you’re doing it, you’ll know.

And after you’ve done this, I hope that you will move consistently toward getting that dream job after you are finished with college.

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Time Management High School Students

High school student not just study and take classes. They also have to join school activities, socialize and do their homework. Apparently, they always have a lot of work in school and at home.

It is essential for high school students to be organized. If you are a high school student, it may seem like you are always running out of time and all you do is study and never get enough time with your friends and family.

Listed here seven tips for you to follow to make life of high school students easier and add extra time for you to be with your friends and family:

1- Set the target everyday – Before you go to bed, list down all the matters you want to accomplish on the next day. A ‘to do” list will help you to know what you are going to do and avoid doing unimportant tasks, of which will get everything done more efficiently and faster.

2- Prioritize your list of target – Once the “to do” list completed, try to prioritize the goals you want to achieve. Set your most important goal in life on top of your priority and your least important goals to down below on the list.

Be realistic on your list. It is better to list on what you need to achieve and not on what you want to achieve. If you have a long-term priority, it is probably best that you put it on the bottom of your list; you can always work on that tomorrow.

3- Utilize your spare time – As a high school student, sometimes you may not notice you have lots of spare time. Try to add up the minutes of the school bus ride to school and the school bus ride back home.

Use these times to create strategy of how to finish your homework effectively. By doing this, you will get an idea on what you need to do on your homework when you get home. This allows you to finish your homework faster and have extra time for other things. Time Management High School Students

4- Finding the right time – Sometime, students have specific time to study more efficiently. For instance, you can solve your math problems well on the afternoons; then do not wait until nighttime to do it. Mood is important here since mood can shifts immediately.

5- Taking notes – An effective way to study is to write down important notes. It is proven much better than just plain reading. Writing down notes has an effect on your mind. You can understand the topic more effectively and memorize it more effectively than by just reading.

Review your notes as your teacher might give a pop quiz on the next day. Reviewing your notes will help you be more prepared for the pop quizzes that your teacher may suddenly give.

6- Get adequate sleep – It is unhealthy trying to stress yourself out studying when you are supposed to be sleeping. It can bring ineffective results and unwelcome health problems.

If you need to sleep you have to sleep, do not force yourself to study if you cannot effectively study. If you try to study in this situation, you will most likely waste your time.

7- Keep your goals realistic – Trying to accomplish unrealistic goals can often result in failure and frustration. Setting realistic goals that is difficult and achieving it can give you self-worth and be proud on your achievements.

Just remember, everything you need to accomplish in one day is possible if you are organized and plan everything you do in a day. Time Management High School Students

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