Virtual assistant time tracking devices can be used effectively as project management tools. They are effectively helpful in keeping track of the time you and all members of your team have spent on your projects. It will also accurately show your staff’s progress or lack thereof. There are a lot of these devices available online, and there are several ways that you can customize these tools to help you manage your tasks and projects. The said devices can definitely help you run your projects smoothly and manage your tasks easily.

Basically, a virtual assistant time tracking device is used to keep tabs on attendance. To customize it as a project management tool, you can set it up to track the specific time your employees spent working on a project. It can help you record the number of minutes, hours or days that each of your team members are spending on every task assigned to them. It can also show the amount of idle or break times each person spends in a day. This way, the rates and compensation can be accurately computed, more so if employs are paid by the hour. In fact, you can even set it up to be connected with an accounting system to make sure the computations are up-to-date and reliably accurate. Furthermore, invoices are automatically produced. Payroll is readily available with less or no error on entries whatsoever.

As you track each of your team members’ attendance and time spent on a task, you can also effectively analyze the pulse of a particular project. Since most virtual assistant time tracking devices can be customized for your project management needs, such as keeping tabs on attendance and gathering data for progress report or performance evaluation, this can help you get a comprehensive analysis on each member’s progress and the efficiency or profitability of a project.


A virtual assistant time tracking device can even help you see how each member is doing – whether or not they are doing good progress or constantly behind on schedule. It can even help you determine, if you are investigating the reason for a team member’s lack of progress, what factor is liable. Comprehensive data reports can show accurate determinants, whether the member’s skills do not match the needs of the project, or the team member’s work ethics is to blame. Indeed, there are many ways to customize and set up these tracking devices to help manage and smoothly run your projects and tasks.


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Time management tracking helps organize all your tasks (whether personal or professional) by allowing you to record each with its corresponding start and completion details. By doing so, you’ll get to view if you are still on schedule and on budget. This tool also helps determine if all your work hours have been spent productively or wasted with non-work related activities. There are moments or situations that take away our time. A simple phone call or an e-mail could divert our focus on the job before us. Before you know it, the allocated time for a certain task is over, yet we are not even half through with it. With this tool, we are always reminded to stick to the plan, especially if we want satisfied and loyal clients.



This software contains features that make your professional life easier. And by easier, it means that it’s very user friendly and can be used even by those who are not really familiar with online tools. Most of these are software-based that need to be installed. Others are web-based where installation is not required. All you need to do is log in and then you can start creating and planning tasks.


What you’ll do is type in all the activities you have planned for the day or days ahead. It’s a calendar, journal and organizer all rolled into. But what’s even better is that it has additional awesome attributes that none of these mentioned have. These include the ability to make billings and invoices out of the hours you spent working on items considered as billable; to create charts that show your work habits to help you analyze if projects are indeed profitable; to produce reference charts so when there is a new offer and it is something you have previously done, you’ll have something to base your price and schedule; to calculate your taxes; and the capacity to automatically send accurate billing statements to clients and remind them of overdue payments. Given all these features, a time management tracking application is really more than just a tool used to track time.


Out of the items listed above that show how this software helps, the charts it produces are perhaps one of the most significant. With these charts, you’ll get to view the pulse of your work habits. It will help in analyzing whether you have been spending adequate time for your projects or squandering it with idle, non-productive activities. It also assists in determining if your estimates are doable and favorable. Did you allocate enough time for the project? Is the estimated time of completion really doable? Are you charging cheap or are you over pricing? These and more are answered with the time management tracking.


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In project management, the effective use of time is given bold emphasis. Managers know that the wise treatment of this resource is critical to the total success of the whole project. Especially when a single project is worked on by a number of people, managers need to make sure that each individual involved in the process delivers his or her tasks and assignments on time. That’s why, to avoid squandering even a small second of this valuable store, managers ascertain that a time tracking project management tool is on the table.

For many years, projects have only been shepherd by the project manager or leader. These officers-in-charge handled the tasks of planning schedules and deadlines, sending notifications and memos to members, compiling and storing finished tasks, and calculating and billing clients. All these processes were so time consuming that it drains out managers and leave them without enough time for handling other areas of the project development such as consultations and modifications.

But through the help of the time tracking project management tool, people involved in projects can now handle their time more effectively. The tool is casted to be simple but multi-functional. As well, it is designed to be steadfast in giving feedbacks and remarks as to where time could be expended more advantageously. Another feature that severely makes this tool interesting is its ability to showcase where elements of the project stand in so far as target dates and zero hours are touched.

Furthermore, these tools are increasingly developed to be web-based. As its name suggests, individuals can now access the project plan anywhere and anytime they want as long as they use a computer with a stable internet connection. They can easily make changes and modifications to their assigned tasks. Since it can be accessed anywhere in the world, it is now feasible to employ people who may be geographically different. Distance and differences in time zones can no longer be considered as barriers for people to effectively work with one another in a singular project.

This tool also has the function to generate invoices or billings to clients. Since it tracks all the hours each employee spends while working on each of their parts, managers no longer have to manually collate invoice data and total them. The tool automatically does this job. These billings can also be electronically sent to each clients email account.

Taking all these functions to light, time tracking project management tool definitely saves managers from a lot of work. The tasks it performs allow managers to not only manage but track all the workload from start to finish.


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