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17 Responses to Brian Tracy – Personal Time Management

  • 1990osu says:

    The man is a machine!

  • Steve Mills - The Prudent Marketer says:

    Great video by Brian Tracey on Time Management…

  • Empowernet International says:

    “Practice Golden-Rule 1 of Management in everything you do. Manage others
    the way you would like to be managed.” – Brian Tracy

  • Morahman7vnNo2 says:

    55 minutes and not a single drop of water.

  • Your Law Of Attraction says:

    Brian Tracy – Personal Time Management

    Great lecture. Especially for those of you who feel overwhelmed.

    Ian Collins

    Special thanks to my contributors:

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  • Alexander Wang says:

    I heard of Brian Tracy from an insurance agent who wanna recommended his
    sales book to me. After watching this vid, i sincerely believe he is
    definitely a great salesman. I totally buy his instruction on personal time
    management. If u have patienuto finish it till end, u will realize the tips
    he gave are similar to other trainers like David Allen. No matter who is
    the first one to raise up these tips, to follow their advice is helpful for
    our career and life, i think. 

  • 1madaboutguitar says:

    23:07 He was about to say an “minor” person but changed his mind lol 

  • Abdallah Daddi says:

    Setting priorities and getting important tasks done fast are two important
    skills for success. This video of Brian Tracy is indeed inspiring. There
    are a lot of values in it.

  • Abdallah Daddi says:

    Successful people are those who do things differently. The key to success
    is time management and the key for time management is self-discipline.
    Goals are the fuel in the furnace of achievement.

  • Abdallah Daddi says:

    The most valuable resource today is productive time. Successful people are
    those who spend their time carefully.

  • Yousra Hesham says:

    thank you./ reminds me of dr Ebrahim Alfeki

  • Adam speakman says:

    This is the boss from hell

  • 86samben says:

    did he say seven continents ?

  • Taz Shk says:

    He is so inspirational. 

  • George Towers says:

    keep hearing it till you memorize every single word and understand it

    and you will see results in the first day!!

    brainwashing myself to be more successful

  • Taz Shk says:

    he is awesome!! 

  • Milagros Garcia says:

    Great training. 

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